Residential Conveyancing (Buying and selling houses/flats)

       What do we do?

  • We ensure that all aspects of the conveyancing process are dealt with by a solicitor with extensive experience in the field
  • We provide practical help and advice throughout the process upon issues which commonly arise when buying and selling property.
  • We provide you with a reliable quotation which covers all usual matters which arise in the conveyancing process  so that you can plan the total expenditure upon the matter with confidence.
  • We provide you with one point of contact throughout your transaction
  • We ensure that you will have face to face access to your solicitor to discuss the transaction and to explain and advise you upon any issues arising
  • We will keep you advised of any important matters arising in the transaction and ensure that you are made aware of the general progress of the matter.  

       What we will not do.

  • Raise additional “administration charges” for our services in respect of standard parts of the conveyancing process, such as preparation of a Land Transaction Return or preparing evidence of discharge of a mortgage upon completion of a sale.
  • Insist that everything must be dealt with through the post or by email so as to avoid personal contact with you. Whilst many online conveyancing operations endeavour to maintain that their clients “prefer” to remain rooted to their computers we believe that face to face contact offers a far greater opportunity to communicate effectively and enables us to provide you with a full professional service that ensures that all your questions are answered in a way that makes sense to you and gives us the assurance that we have discharged our professional duties to you.

       Examples of different types of conveyancing transactions with which we are happy to assist you:    

  • Buying or Selling freehold or existing leasehold properties
  • Preparing new leases
  • Mortgages or Re-mortgages
  • Assisted Purchase Schemes
  • Buy To Let
  • Equity Release
  • Deeds of Gift or property transfers where no money changes hands
  • Declarations of Trust
  • Right to Buy purchases
  • Shared Ownership purchases
  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Transfer of Equity where the property is subject to existing mortgages

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